6ft Club | Training Tips

6ft Club | Training Tips

We all been to the gym, and seen the guy with a half of a shirt on showing off his muscles, only having to extend his arms a half of foot to complete a full rep on the bench press. We also have seen that same guy on the squat rack only to squat a half of foot to complete a squat rep.

Mean while those that are part of the 6 ft club, have more like a foot or two to complete a bench or squat rep. It can be quite confusing when the guy with the smaller arms and legs are completing sets of the same weight quicker then you are, or even possibly more graceful with their execution.

Big ups to the big guy that has the grit and attitude to put in the work to get cut up!

Its important to know that there are tips for us. Read below.

Presses: Learn the Pin Press

Pullups: Focus On Feeling Your Lats

Ab Wheel Rollouts: Do Hand Walkouts Instead

Barbell Deadlifts: Ditch Conventional Deadlifts

Stretching: The key to maximum gains and longevity. 

Source: Mens Health

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